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Jan 27, 2013 12:00pm PST
. remember the virginia economy, a lot of places very dependent on defense and other industries, neither side will look good if they cannot make an agreement. it is a prediction but one that i don't necessarily think will be true. >> david cuts would have a serious drag on the economy estimates from a half a percent to a full point of gdp. someone is going to get the blame for that if it happens. who do you think blinks first? >> that is a good point. you may recall the pentagon was very concerned about this saying they would have to cut about $100 billion right off the bat. some of the officials went to the white house and said let's make a deal on this. there will be a lot of pressure to do that. republicans agreed to raise the debt ceiling. that took away a little bit of their leverage going into negotiations at the end of february. here comes paul ryan. where has he been? he is making this line in the sand now. i think the white house is concerned because this could hurt the economy going forward if we go through these deep cuts and right now the white house is saying we need to keep the
Jan 27, 2013 1:00pm PST
of government should not be used to regulate the economy or bring about social change but we do that all the time and the president was defending government. >> tara, a lot of people have been pointing out lately this a majority of the country supports things like same-sex marriage, higher taxes on the rich, want to preserve medicare at all costs, but i want to show you a gallup poll from the past summer. found that 46% of americans say that they are actually conservative on economic issues. 32% say they are moderate and just 20% say they are liberal on economic issues. when it comes to social issues, 38% say they are conservative and 31% moderate and 28% liberal and these are the numbers. has america really become as liberal as some democrats would like to believe, and is this evidence to the contrary? >> i think have you to look closer at the issues. when people put themselves into a category as progressive or conservative or liberal, you miss out on figuring out that actually people don't fall into categories. some people who are for marriage equality might consider themselves to be c
Jan 28, 2013 8:00am PST
of our economy. when you've got republicans senators who are willing to support this, it's time for house republicans to support it as well. >> fair and balanced. so has the immigration 8 done the work of the president? there's no need for that big policy speech tomorrow. >> i think we need both. remember, we need, you know, the support of the white house as well as the work in congress are going to be critical to making sure that the end result is legislation that remains fair and balanced. because as we know in the legislative process, all sorts of things can get changed and amendments and what have you. so i do think it's important that the president -- remember as the president talked about last year, it's important that outside groups engage in this process. it's also important to remember that, i think for the president to stay engaged, because he has done so much already on enforcement. so much money has already been spent on enforcement. so while, you know, that's the good part of the talking points, i think, for republicans and it may also be good policy, i think as victoria poin
Jan 22, 2013 8:00am PST
they run on it, they would have lost. but the fact is they ran on jobs, the economy, so we kind of got a bait and switch. the fact is in 2012, in this election, we elected more pro-choice members of congress and in the states but the battle in the state is raging very, very hot. and it is denying women access to this care. so it's no longer about the legality of abortion care. it is about access, because they keep putting barriers up for women and making this thinking that politicians should make the decision, not women and their doctors and their families. >> as we look at what the country and the geography of how things are laid out right now, congresswoman, there are states with just one abortion clinic in them and as we look at them, you can see them there, mississippi, arkansas, north dakota and south dakota. a lot of people, a lot of women and men as well around the country might be very surprised to learn that those states only have one place where women can go, and that is not only because there's a concern for the safety of those that work at those clinics in that state, it's
Jan 23, 2013 8:00am PST
gum at the same time. we have to deal with our own economy and other physical situation. that is a given because that is the source of our strength and our capacity. but we also have to be smart about making the right investments in diplomacy and development to try to solve problems and prevent them. so you know, i have outlined what should be a no brainer. let us have the permission to take money we already have. we're not asking for more money and put it to work where the arb told us to do, and then let's look at the budget as we move forward. now if sequestration will be very damaging to the state department and usaid if it does come to pass because it throws the baby out with the bath. are there programs we could reduce and make more efficient? yes, that's what i've been trying to do, push that forward and that's what the qdr process was about. but, there are also a lot of essential programs, first and foremost security of our personnel in dangerous places that we can't afford to cut more of. i hope we get the transfer authority and have a sensible budget discussion
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)